About Us


In January of 2016 I chose xLights as the primary software to create our family holiday light show.

Previous software applications were confining and left me wanting more. To make each song tell a story through the magic of light and I needed complete flexibility. 

My education on RGB lighting, prop building and pixels controllers was an amazing journey filled with leaps of faith and miserable failures! With the support of an ever growing community I was encouraged to take my sequences to market.

Having a training background it was inevitable that I would soon start my consulting practice which led to many successful light shows in record breaking time! I truly love working with individuals from the start, and watch their craft blossom has been so rewarding. 

It is my hope that you use these sequences and effects to put smiles on faces, give  your home the WOW factor, and to further your xLights sequencing skills. For the new folks entering the the RGB xLights world I hope you consider letting me help you with your journey.