Custom xLights Layout & Design Consultation

2018 Season Completely Booked

Accepting clients on a first come first serve basis for 2019. 

xTreme Sequences can guide you through the process of creating a stunning xlights show for Halloween and Christmas. I have helped many families navigate the complexities of pixel shows with great success. Beginning early is key. I take a methodical approach to finding what works best in each situation. One on one support has been instrumental in achieving successful shows for folks that have started with no experience. 

Initially, we will have a 'get to know each other' call face to face using Zoom to get a feel for the fit. This gives me the opportunity to assess your learning styles, passions, likes and dislikes while giving you the opportunity to decide if I am the right person to take you on this journey. If there is no chemistry then there is no reason to work together. Most of the time there is and we quickly being outlining future state of your light show.

Some of my best friends are a result of this process and I am grateful for the fun, hilarious, hectic and stressful situations each has provided. I have a passion for teaching that matches my passion for lighting.